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The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Just when you think your world has brightened, something or someone darkens it....Paula Hawkins lets you get immersed in 3 different lives, the x-wife, wife and former nanny, all tangled together. Rachel is an alcoholic who rides the same train daily, pretending to go to work. Thoughts and dreams start to merge together, confusing Rachel to the point where she thinks she has lost her mind. How will she find out the truth?

Lament for Bonnie

Lament for Bonnie (A Collins-Burke Mystery) - Anne Emery

A book by Anne Emery, that gives you a little background on the history of Nova Scotia while unraveling a mystery within a family. The disappearance of a 12 year old step dancer brings out the skeletons in the family closets. Just when you think it is 1 person, clues take your interest to another, not your typical "I know who dunnit" novel. A real page turner

Good Girl, Bad Girl. Ann Girdharry

In finding the truth about her father, she must face the truth about herself"

Kal is a photojournalist who is searching for her missing mother, who was digging into the truth about human sacrifices and eccentric egos.

Learning from a young age how to survive in the world, Kal iodized her father, who trained her to be aware of every little nuances surrounding her. Through training in the martial arts, Kal and her best friend Marty excelled in their lives.

The deeper Kal and Marty dug into the events surrounding the disappearance of Kal's mother, the darkness began to surround them. Testing friendships and loyalties, while learning the truth about the past and present, Kal uses all of her resources to find out the truth.